I was a complete can’t on many occasions in the past.

Here’s 10 tips that have helped me become self-accountable.
1. Reject being incapable – purposefully pursue solutions, seek, search and be diligent in your efforts to overcome obstacles
2. Be fearless – face the most difficult task head on, face on…the very difficulty of it means you must.
3. Stop complaining – you complaining is a reflection on you and your ability, or lack thereof to respond properly, and not the problem or issue at hand. Plus it’s a huge waste of time and energy.
4. Be empathetic – perspective, from other person’s position or situation will enable you to weaponise your best-decision-making ability
5. Find purpose, and passion will follow – purpose and realism will trump passion and vision. Passion is most often matured and propagated via purposeful action
6. Do the best you can…always – exceed your own expectations and you will achieve the unimagined.
7. Think. Be. Do…never ever wait for ‘that perfect moment’, don’t allow excruciating fear, worry, anxiety or the pursuit of perfection to interfere with your progress…do it!
8. Be adaptable – your ability to adjust to change is determined by your understanding of the process at hand. Resist determining that ‘the goal’ is the end point. There is no end point, only the process that moves you forward…’fall in love with the process and the results will follow”
9. Be committed – you’ve had the initiative to start, you’re a self-starter…now close the deal. Keep that internal dialogue/ego of yours in check and don’t allow it to bury your ambitions
10. Quantify results by the commitment you exhibit – this is not only self-perpetuating and self-motivating but also contagious to others. Flagrant joyful commitment will see new resources and opportunities open and unfold in front you by default.