1. Initiate a daily practice that reduces stress
  2. Go to bed and wake-up at consistent times, everyday of the week.
  3. Get adequate / optimal early morning sunlight
  4. Prepare the bedroom to be pitch black and cool, no more than 18 degrees/64 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Remove all light sources, artificial and natural, no LED lights or screen lights from laptops, iPads, smartphones, TV’s, alarm clocks etc
  6. No caffeine, and other stimulating drinks (ideally) 6-8hours before bed
  7. Create an evening ritual 1-3 hours before bed that reduces blue light exposure from devices, lower ceiling lighting to create a ‘sleep-ambience’. Have a warm shower. Journal and reflect on the day to relieve the mind.
  8. Eliminate alcohol
  9. Avoid foods that stimulate wakefulness e.g. chocolate
  10. Avoid eating large meals 1-3 hours before bed
  11. Wear blue-light blocking glasses 1-2 hours before bed to improve melatonin secretions and avoid stimulation from device screens
  12. Optimise movement & exercise throughout the day, but avoid strenuous exercise and training late in the evening.