TThese are 20 observations from newly sober people tell us about the sicknesses running rampant in our society.

And, please note…these observations are not from “alcoholics”, these are from individuals who do not class themselves are “big drinkers”, but consume alcohol “moderately throughout the week.

 Firstly, and not added to the list due to this fact alone should be a big enough reason to stop poisoning yourself…

ALCOHOL IS A CARCINOGEN…directly linked to 7 major cancers. Including 2 of the biggest killers Breast and Bowel cancer.

Now the list…

1.) The first major thing people see is a dramatic improvement in overall physical health. This includes significant weight loss, improved digestion, greater energy and less fatigue & clearer skin.

2.) Improvements in mental health, decreased overall anxiety & depression

3.) Sleep dramatically improves.

4.) They commonly see big changes in their attitude towards other people.

5.) Quitting drinking saves A LOT of money.

6.) You get time back…evenings, night-time, and mornings.

7.) They realise that they don’t actually need to drink to have fun and enjoy themselves.

8.) They begin to see themselves for who they really are, no longer using alcohol as a mask behind which to hide.

9.) They realise that alcohol tends to make personal problems worse #noshit

10.) People find they have fewer regrets when living alcohol-free.

11.) Quitting is both very difficult and very easy.

12.) For some reason it really makes drinkers uncomfortable to be around someone who is abstaining.

13.) Many people are just assholes when they drink.

14.) Booze fuelled conversations are actually boring & ego-driven.

15.) No hangovers

16.) Days are much more productive

17.) Notice improved ability to maintain commitments and motivations to their own health improves dramatically

18.) They find it easier to make healthier choices.

19.) Experience a sense of joy more often

20.) Your relationships with those you love will dramatically improve.