1. Give a big tip. Maybe you see the same Barrista each morning, give them or a $10 or $20 tip.
2. Buy the next person in line a coffee, simply when you buy your coffee, pay for the next person
without saying anything…just pay and walk off.
3. Donate unwanted books to the local library
4. Give-away good quality home items, clothes, kitchen equipment, garage ‘stuff’ etc to a local
5. Compliment strangers
6. Say Hello more…smile (not in a creepy way) and say G’day
7. Practice courtesy…in the supermarket, driving your car, in the street, queuing up at the bank
8. If you follow someone on social media that you respect, send them a message of support and
say ‘hi’
9. If there’s someone you really admire write to them a genuine, heartfelt letter. Saying, “Your
work really moves me, you inspire me and I really, really appreciate what you’re doing” with no
request, ask’s attached.
10. Write a letter to yourself, saying how amazing your are! Write down your dreams, aspirations
and what brings your joy and happiness. Go crazy and fill the pages with unbridled self-love, self-care and optimistic-joy. Go big!! And read that letter every morning thereafter…it changes your world
11. Support a local gym, pilates or yoga business and buy a session or two and give away to friends, donate or reward yourself.
12. Tell your Mum and Dad how much you love them…we can all be on occasions a little flippant with how we show our love to our nearest. Phone them, send them a card…simple, powerful.
13. Buy some movie tickets and donate them to a local charity, or aged care facility.
14. If you’re a business owner make an extra effort with your team, take them out for coffee, buy
cake for morning tea. Send them each a little hand-written card saying thank you.
15. Try meditation or mindfulness class – this is for you, treat yourself with some stillness.
16. If you’re in a relationship, this is a perfect time to randomly exhibit some unbridled love for
your better half…flowers, movie…
17. Put away your smartphone for the day…give those around you your undivided attention
18. Forward this list onto others to inspire kindness
19. Buy a gift voucher from your local restaurant and gift it
20. Be excited for someone else’s good news.
21. Take pride in what you put in your mouth and put down your throat, the way you eat and what
you consume can either be is one of the highest forms of self-respect or self-disrespect.
22. Know a friend who is going through a hard-time? Ask them RUOK?
23. Make a mixtape and give it to someone special. Or make one especially for yourself…all those
songs that were part of your journey growing. Songs, you know all those daggy songs we love from (whatever decade you’re from) 60’, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s…play unashamedly and dance around the house, or play REALLY loud in the car.
24. Move, get outside into nature. There’s a term called “soft fascination” and it is referred to the sense of well-being derived from being in nature, and the remarkable effect it has on our wellbeing.
25. Listen more. Resist opinion and making assumptions. This is also a habit that requires daily maintenance
26. Give out compliments. Practice daily to give out 10 unsolicited compliments everyday
27. Get a big-arse bone from the butcher and give it your dog…or your neighbours dog
28. Buy 4 or 5 copies of your favourite spiritual or book that has inspired you and give them away.
E.g. I must of bought ‘The 4 Agreements’ 20 times of over the years
29. Practice patience…I mean really practice. Remind yourself daily and not only will your world
light up and become calmer and more cheerful, but those around you will also blossom.
30. Write your own list of 50 Ways To Be Kind…if fun, insightful and rewarding sitting down and
thinking of ways to enhance the world around us.
31. Cook someone a meal – there is no greater connection than food, especially healthy home
cooked food made with love.
32. Ask someone, “How was your day – really?’ Let them talk about themselves, listen, be
present…give them an extra 5-10 minutes. Your opinion isn’t necessarily required.
33. Send a cake, pizza, chocolates to your best friends office.
34. Mow your neighbours lawn, after you mowed yours
35. Start your own daily journal – offer gratitude and be grateful for your life.
36. Buy 5-10 journals and give-away to friends and inspire journaling within your peers
37. Homelessness is a growing problem, donate money, food, clothing or your time to a shelter. If
you see homelessness on your street, on your way to work give them food, clothing, money or simply say hello and ask them if they need anything. There are people always worse of than you.
38. Start a mental wellness drive within your local community – start asking with regularity RUOK? Let’s remove the stigma and create an environment of asking the question enough, to elicit an answer from those that need the support. We all go though time that we need help, advice or simply an opportunity to ‘have a chat.’
39. Spread fantastic food recipes to your friends
40. Pamper someone you love and buy them a massage, manicure or pedicure .
41. Have regular alcohol-free days, weekends or months and use that time actively looking after
yourself. Don’t be flippant to the insidious nature of alcohol, it will steal your tomorrows and
your ability to be kind and generous.
42. Donate money or time to your local dog/animal shelter.
43. Create an online fundraiser to raise money for a charity that resonates with your. Use
Facebook, GoFundme, Raisely etc
44. Salary sacrifice a percentage of your wages to a charity or cause
45. Inspire our children to greatness, motivate & inspire them to follow their causes and beliefs.
This is especially heightened at the moment with climate change. I for one, am so inspired by
the actions of our youth with their actions on climate change.
46. Hold the door open for someone
47. Spread humour – there’s some classic meme’s out there now. Do an online search, find 10
hilarious memes and send them to your friends. Who doesn’t love a good laugh?
48. Get a group a pick up litter and trash in your local area, park, beach…both good for the
environment and a awesome exercise
49. Donate food to your local food pantry
50. Donate books and magazine to your local shelter, care-facility or doctors waiting room.
51. Declutter your living and work area. The process or cleaning your environment will have an
immediate and powerful impact on your wellbeing. Treasure the things that give you joy, and
recycle, donate and giveaway to less fortunate…it’s liberating
52. Afford yourself alcohol free weekends, weeks or months. The sobriety will manifest and
rekindle self-motivating desire to eat better, sleep better & move more.

Please, feel free to add more kindness ideas in the comments section.

Do not hesitate to message me if you would like PDF copy of this list.