Do I want to, do I need to… improve my life-trajectory?

How can I best connect, and disconnect, from the frantic pace of modern living without succumbing
to the associated perils of ill-health as a result of poor, stressed out lifestyle choices, 
impulses and compulsions that are so detrimental my physical and mental health and inner-cheerfulness?

How can I be best prepare myself and develop a mindset that works for me,
rather than against me?

How can I improve my grit and resilience to not only overcome the obstacles of life,
but to initiate a daily process that fosters and encourages growth, momentum and heightened self-awareness.
To embrace the challenges that we have chosen, and understanding this is where I learn?

What can I do that will propagate a growth mindset, that will help me rewire my internal narrative
from one of self-abuse and judgement, to one of self-care, self preservation and fearless 
motivation to propel my innate potentiality forward?

What can I do to overcome my self-oppression, negative fear-based belief systems and propensity for
self-sabotage, and impulsive and compulsive behaviours and thinking that ultimately leads to a life less fulfilled?

What can I do to not only improve my health, or achieve my fitness goals and desired body composition, but to fall in love with the process and not compromise it ?

How do I not only improve my daily habits, but relinquish habits that are contrary to
the betterment of my life-trajectory?

What a bunch of loaded BS questions…lets try that again Luke…

Do you want to sleep better?
Do you want to eat better?
Do you want to think better?
Do you want to move more?
Do you want your relationships to improve?
Do you want to feel more ‘cheerful’, optimistic and patient with yourself?
Do you want a brain, a thinking process, an internal narrative that works for you rather than against you?
Do you want to feel fit, strong, vital and virile?
Do you want to age well…not only live longer, but with optimal health & mobility?

Who doesn’t?…
even the ‘Dark Lord’ Keith Richards works-out these days…

(actual photo)



Boring Preamble…

Now that we have 3 weeks of the New Year under our belts (or maybe slightly hanging over our belts), I thought it would be a good time to change tack, and tact, and notify y’all to what the future content will congist (<—see what I did there congist…not consist) of in this weekly confab The Gist.  

Why the Change?

Well, first and foremost, the content needs to reflect & ‘revolve’ around the MyFutureSelf (MFS) project that I am working on, and plan to launch later this year.

Secondly, up and until this time, the content that I’ve published has been randomly selected, with little or no consistency or flow in terms of either theme or vision…it’s been more or less self-indulgent rantings from yours truly…so thank you for reading/listening.

Thirdly, and completely in terms of practicality, I need to hone my time and productivity, so that the content I produce, can be harvested not only into the multiple formats and platforms that I (intend to) use, but ultimately continue to add to the library of future content that I can use when developing new MFS products and services.

My 2020 plan for MFS is for it to become self-sufficient in terms of earning me a living, so I need to be cognisant of my time to ensure that I can properly allocate the precious resource of said time to both creating revenue generating content & services, and the creating abundant ‘free’ membership content.  This free-content, made available to members via the MFS website, will include educational, research and training programs, PDF’s, videos and alike on anything and everything MFS.
How I’m going to make a living to of MFS is another matter, mainly because my approach is somewhat unique…it’s very simple…but totes challenging and kinda takes a lifetime to execute…I can tell you’re excited, but more of this a bit later…

Boooooooring…move along…

Lastly, and what I consider most important.

The whole premise, idea and desired outcome for the MyFutureSelf project is two-fold…

Firstly, to (hopefully, and without sounding all *McDreamy) inspire, motivate, kick up the arse (with kindness) individuals to start taking of control of their lives, to take action now, that will not only improve their FutureSelves, but also, for each of these individuals to become an inspired mentor, by default, to those around them. I believe that we all have the capacity to ‘enable’ others, especially the ones we love and the ones that love us, either positively or negatively mind you (that choice is YOURS) through your own actions, behaviours and choices.
(*a trendy, and ultimately, grating, term to describe a man who appears to be the ideal dream man, but alas, turns out to be less than perfect (but then who is?!)

Secondly, this (MFS) is a passion-purpose-project, or is it a purpose-passion-project? 

Either way, like I said in last weeks post there is nothing that separates me from MyFutureSelf…It’s my own (very) personal act of my own self-love, or self-flagellation,  because it’s part of me. Everything that I’m badgering on about is either ‘stuff’ that has helped me in the past, and ‘stuff’ that is helping me now. 
And you know what?
The greatest ‘fall-out’ from me pursuing this purpose-passion-project is that it keeps me accountable to myself.
It not only maintains my desire to remain self-disciplined, but to continually hone it. Because without discipline we have no freedom.

And the beauty of it, again for me because I’m a selfish bastard, is that even if it fails financially, I have already succeeded because this whole process will only, will only further enhance my own sense of self-awareness and the wonderful sensation and knowing that I still know nothing…and I still don’t care…i do care, but not about anything out of my sphere of choice or control.

Why on earth would I want to attempt (I’m not attempting it…I’m doing it) to offer information and content, (and attempt) to try and make a living out of an ‘approach’ that is really difficult and takes a lifetime to execute?
Did you notice I didn’t use the word “success” or “goals” in that last senstance?
Because there is no goals #boom #brainexplosion #whatsthepoint #stophashtagging 

What on earth is my motivation?
Why do I think I can inspire people to take better care of themselves?
What’s the point Luke…Luuuuuuke? (add Obi-Wan Kenobi voice)

I like people…from a distance.
I get sad (not in a bad way) when I see & talk to people who have either given up on themselves…or, they are mindlessly over-active in the pursuit of doing sogiving up on themselves that is.
One of my qualities is I’m empathetic. It used to be, in my opinion, when i was younger, dumber, not-sober and with a straw hanging out my nose, a massive curse for me.
My highly empathetic nature used to turn around and bite me all the time.
Where I used to be highly self-sensitive and highly self-critical, I now (i think) have managed to successfully restructure and change the narrative around my empathy to a positive…which it is…because now my empathy inspires me, motivates me and drives my disciplines and values. It stimulates my patience and hopefully kindles my ability to be kinder…except for dubious rubber footwear 
Anyways, I digress..

For many, hitting the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s etc, the back-9 of their lives (weird to use a golfing metaphor…I don’t play Crocs…I mean golf.) seems to be a time to relinquish, let go and succumb to whatever ails you, both physically and mentally…not only that, but its time to reinforce and perpetuate your ailments via the habits, mindset and lifestyle choices that one has chosen…most of these choices were made decades earlier, and sadly, now play a hugely detrimental role in ones physical and mental wellbeing.

Why is it that we mindlessly allow these life-choices to impact us so negatively, that only heighten our capacity to tolerate the things in our life which we should not tolerate?

I’m always tired…

I can’t sleep…

I’m overweight…

I’m grumpy, angry and impatient…

I have high blood pressure..

I pre-diabetic…

I have no energy…

I have no vitality or virility…

I drink too much alcohol (said no one ever…not out loud anyway)

I don’t wish to sound flippant or abrasive to those suffering congenital diseases or medical problems etc…by why tolerate, and often blame these physiological and psychological ailments on age, rather than ones inability to be kind to themselves.
Why is it that we refuse to identify and rectify the shit in our lives that is making us fat, angry, grumpy, compulsive etc?
Because it’s too hard…

Though ‘most’ people ‘say’ they ‘want’ to make betterment changes in their lives, very few possess the determination to undertake ‘the process’ of long term self-betterment.

Very few are unwilling to start, or even consider undertaking the daunting process.,.it’s just too hard!

Very few are unwilling to change…they’ll admit to wanting to be fitter, healthier, happier, thinner, calmer, to be more present, and stop wearing Crocs etc…but are simply not willing to either recognise, nor give up their behaviours that are making them sick, AND UNDISCIPLINED in the first place.

This is not at all meant as a criticismits reality.

This is a reality and a subsequent result of not only our upbringing, our parents, our schools, our priests and peers. It’s a result to the ongoing exposure to modern living, and how we mindlessly punish ourselves through the our own self-rewarding and coping strategies. How we unconsciously self-sabotage our innate potentiality through the habits and mindset that we have (again) unconsciously and diligently constructed and nurtured throughout our adult life.

Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality

So, THIS is the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing…because it’s f******* hard.
And, because it’s fascinating.

Where To Now?
The MFS approach is all about the Macros of Health.
The really, really boring basics…that if you don’t have control of, if you don’t attempt to master each and everyday your attempts to not only achieve your desired outcomes will fail, but your ability to learn will also fail…and it’s where we overcome failure is where we learn….and where we learn is where we grow.
And where we grow, is where we find fulfilment…this my friends…is The Process!

So, starting next week I will begin the process of explaining what MFS is all about.
I will not only outline the Macros of Health, but more importantly the strategies, the life-strategies that we all need to ensure that we can propagate the daily disciplines ensure we can initiate the crucial steps forward.
Now to be perfectly clear ahat I am advocating here is nothing new.
My approach is a collation of physiological, psychological and philosophical approaches and methodologies from the greats in their field from as recent as yesterday, to as far back as 2000+ years ago.
I promise this isn’t some woo-woo mumbo-jumbo, knit your own kombucha tank top gig.
This is be annoyingly straight forward. 
Depressingly pragmatic
And frustratingly difficult…but oh so rewarding

I’ll attempt to be as polarising as possible…
As honest and vulnerable as I can be…
Use as much colourful f****** language as possible
And of course… just be as hilarious as I always am…

Just a heads up, key words that will dominate the discussions moving forward will and to confirm my anti woo-woo approach:

Active meditation
Kimchi undies 
…and the over-riding action to manifest is discipline 
And it is with discipline that we have the capacity to hone and manifest,
the most important aspects of ones self-awareness and ability to not only survive, but thrive is…