Strategies Preserve Your Tranquility
Part Five

Annoyance Breeds Hostility & Anger

Our biggest risk, when dealing with annoying people, is that they will make us hostile towards them, a hostility that is only and solely injurious to one person – us.

Therefore, it is up to us to make sure others do not succeed in destroying our State of Mind (SoM) and our innate charitable feelings that we do have towards our fellow humans.

Thus, when others behave inhumanly, which they will, as surely as you will, we shouldn’t feel toward them as they feel toward others. Marcus Aurelius says “that if we detect anger and hatred within us and wish to seek revenge, one of the best forms of revenge on another person is to refuse to be like them.”

If we can practice daily to remind ourselves to discriminate between events themselves (e.g. annoying people, Croc aficionado’s) and our interpretations of them, then, overtime, our tranquility will be less and less disturbed.

We do a better service to ourselves and others by remaining detached and avoiding (not reacting) to the melodramatic events that can, and will, take place in our day to day.



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