‘What’s your favourite flavour of shit sandwich?’

…ask’s Mark Manson (author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck)

Whatever life choices you make in life, there comes with it, by default, challenges and obstacles….hence the shit sandwich metaphor.

Choose and live by compulsive impulses and habits contrary to your wellbeing then one shouldn’t be too confused or surprised if illness, motivation, purpose, action, desire etc etc get thrown into the ‘too hard basket’
Alternatively, make lifestyle choices that support your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and your intentions have put you well on truly on the right path to the  journey ahead.

Build Your Inner-Citadel

As Sadhguru say’s
“Life is only a possibility.
To make this possibility into reality, you have to travel a distance.
Do you have the courage, fortitude and commitment to travel the distance?”

Courage, fortitude, will, grit, determination & perseverance are born from self-disciplined lifestyle choices that do you good.

Discipline = freedom