Want to join in and help me build something really, really awesome?

I’m a “big-picture” kinda guy, and I have some big kick-arse plans currently in the pipeline for the MyFutureSelf brand over the coming months and years ahead.

So, what lies ahead, what plans are currently on the ‘to do list’?… Well, firstly, at least 80% of my content will be FREE, yes FREE…FREE! (insane laughter)

This will include comprehensive content on sleep, mindset, nutrition and strength & movement. Content that will be delivered in video, email and blog formats, whilst maintaining a very strong social media presence.

The current website will be upgraded to allow for Premium Community Memberships, which will offer all of the above, plus a host of exclusive offers, discounts and access to content unavailable to the public. This will include, but not be limited to, Podcasts, interactive and live AMA (ask me anything) live-casts, social media group broadcasts and Facebook LIVE presentations and events.

Within the next 24-36 months, the MyFutureSelf Premium Membership will also offer a multi formatted online lifestyle coaching ‘masterclass programs and courses’. This will be an interactive resource and training tool for those of you who want to reclaim your life-trajectory.

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My mission is simple:

It is to inspire individuals that the back 9 of their lives can be vibrant, vital and fulfilling.
With simple, sustainable lifestyle changes we can reverse the onset of early illness, reduce depression rates and dramatically and profoundly impact millions of lives.

Now this all takes time and money, money for research and content development, plus the associated back-end, online and web development expenses to ‘build’ these services.

So, if you like what you’re already seeing and hearing now, and keen to support me in any way… you are most, most welcome to contribute and donate below because this really is just the beginning.

The opportunity to invest is also an opportune time to make your voice heard and give me your insights, feedback and ideas about what it is that you either need help with, or would like some more information on.

Special Offer:
Any donations of $50 or more, will automatically be upgraded to a Premium Member (value over $100 annually), once it is launched towards to the end of 2020.