I don’t think I’d be too wrong in saying that the majority of us, when it comes to our ‘wellbeing’, pretty much want the same thing:
– Feel vibrant & virile
– Wake up alert and reinvigorated 
– Have consistent energy levels throughout the day
– Easy, and stress free ability to maintain our ideal body composition
– Eat foods we enjoy
– Good poo’s
– Be self-motivated to take the best care of yourself
– To be as calm as possible, and have better control of our anxieties, cravings and compulsive & impulsive behaviours.
– And when it comes to our physiques and fitness, not punish ourselves with excessive training because of what we’ve consumed, or sabotage our mindset because we’ve deemed ourselves ‘lazy n fat’.

We have 4 (possible) modalities available to us when it comes to our eating & moving


Ask yourself:
1. What is my current modality?
2. Is my currently modality working for me, or against me?
(If not…)
2. What modality could work better for me?

As much as we’d love to find the right pill, the right supplement, detox, cleanse, weekend retreat, injection or surgeons scalpel  – none, and I mean none of these will provide you any benefits unless you learn the basic macros of not only how to eat and move, but critically how YOU should eat and move.
And the reality is…the only way to learn is through your own research, and through ongoing trial and error.
As we age our inner & external environments constantly evolve, and thus the demands and needs from our mind and body changes.
This is a life-time journey of self-discovery…a self-awareness journey.
And it is with this in mind, we have two choices:
1. To begin the process to rewire the narrative in our heads, and embrace and celebrate, through our choices and actions, this wonderful, self-exploratory opportunity we have available to us…to develop our resilience
2. Or, ignore it, and consume our mindset, focus and energies to habits and behaviours that only compound our wellbeing and accelerate our cognitive decline & physical ageing…deliberately relinquish our resilience

Start Making Sense
Resilience is our ability to curate intelligent endurance…if we don’t know ourselves then our choices will only continue conflict with our desired outcomes. 
Our best opportunity to improve our own intelligence is affording ourselves the precious resources of time and patience.
And this is where I believe many of us go awry when we are wanting to improve aspects of our nutrition and fitness (or any aspect of our lives for that matter).
We tend to:
1. Decide somewhat haphazardly to begin a new diet or training program with little or no thought to the ‘process’. What realistic, purposeful steps do I need to develop and follow to ensure my progress is achievable, winnable and then scalable…to ensure ongoing momentum and thus improvement?
2. We fail to create the discipline required for long term action to instal the new habit(s). This can be our inability to properly adult-ourselves and continue to consume foods and beverages detrimental to our discipline and mindset, to also not prioritising sleep – waking tired and jaded…who wants to eat properly and train/exercise feeling this way?  
3. We make no changes or adjustment to our existing environment – so in effect all we have done is added more hurdles and stresses to our day. Something’s gotta give, our schedules are busy…so simply “loading” more unrealistic tasks to the day, will only cause more stress and manifest the perfect excuse for failure… as in “I didn’t have time”. 
4. We are often completely unrealistic.
We often:
Create self-demanding and completely unrealistic goals for ourselves.
We maintain our current lifestyle, and by doing so, refuse to allow adequate time for new behaviours to become established
Then we become frustrated at the lack of progress and then manifest a winning capacity to self-sabotage our efforts further, all because we have over-committed and the self-imposed results we’ve demanded from ourselves are not being achieved in ‘weeks’, when its taken years and possibly decades of over consumption that finds you where you are now.

Eat Less, Train Less, Stress Less
Remember…(and I will expand on these points this in future posts)
1. The goal is to lose body fat, whilst building and maintaining lean muscle mass – WE DO NOT WANT TO LOSE LEAN MUSCLE MASS!
2. Exercise and training are NOT efficient methods of losing weight/body fat. When it comes to training we need to change the narrative away from “burning calories” or  “Being in the Fat Burning Zone”. Our focus (and goals) needs to be directed to the absolute plethora of amazing metabolic, hormonal, cellular and “wellbeing” benefits associated with strength training and exercise.
3. Eating intelligently is the key to losing body fat. In short, it is far easier, and far more effective to reduce your caloric intake by (for example) 2000 calories a week / 285 calories a day, than it is by ‘exercising’ or ‘training off’ 2000 calories a week...just based on the principle that we tend eat more when we move and train more. 
4. You’ll ‘burn’ far more body fat, more consistently, if you master your sleep.
5. You will be able to better control what and how much you eat if you master your sleep.
6. Insobriety is NOT your friend when it comes to your sleep.
7. Insobriety is NOT your friend when it come to your fat loss. Alcohol alone contains huge amounts of empty calories, plus it annihilates your ability to control what, and how much, you put in your mouth.
8. Insobriety is NOT your friend when it comes to fostering a resilient mindset.

Less Stress is Best
Resilience is best harvested by our ability to cut through the noise and make better choices that propagates intelligent physical and mental endurance. 
Our physical resilience is determined on what we eat and how we move
Our ability to optimise what we eat and how we move has to come via self-knowledge….the better we know ourselves, the better choices we can make for ourselves.
Self-awareness requires time & patience…and there is no better place to harvest and develop our self-awareness and resilience, than through the process of learning what our body needs best to successfully circumnavigate the challenges of modern living…and avoid going crazy.

And always remember…

“If you eat well, get good sleep, exercise, and drink plenty of water, you’ll die anyway.”

Till next time