If you want some good, (then) get it from yourself…

As you all probably may know by now, I read and study a bit of philosophy each and every morning. Reading from the great Stoics for example, at the start of each day, combined with my other morning non-negotiable routines (sitting quietly, reflecting, writing, espresso’s & training, cold shower etc ) is an opportunity for me to reset myself and prepare for the day ahead.
Reset myself to remember the commitments and disciplines that I’d like to adhere to & help me silence the barking dogs i my head.
Reset myself by asking myself some tough questions. ‘Where am I standing in my own way? What’s the smallest step I can take towards a big thing today? Why am i so worked up about this? What is the harder choices I’m avoiding? Do I rule my fears, or do they rule me? Do I like vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? Why do people where Crocs?
Reset myself to remember the internal narrative that I want to have on-hand for the day ahead.
Reset myself so I remember to practice the values that I hold close to my heart.
Reset myself to remember to observe my language, my thoughts, my facial expressions, so I have the ability to notice when my mind is working against me, rather than for me. 
Reset (maintain, build) my physical self...there is no greater feeling than how one feels post exercise/ training. There is no greater sense of self-pride generated when you know that you’re taking action to look after your physical wellbeing…NONE…how’s that for a form of meditation👊🏻?

We Are What We Think…Right?
Why do I go through this reset process each n every day…BECAUSE I’D FORGET OTHERWISE!
I’m attempting, each day, to rewire my neural network, upload new data & information that is pertinent to my goals, my life and what I want to achieve…whilst uninstalling old, tired, toxic thinking processes and mindsets.

My purposeful morning ritual, because that what it is…a purpose…is completely and utterly selfish…it’s so selfish in fact, that I mastering the potentiality, each day, and without wanting to sound (too) corny, to be better version of myself than I was the previous day…so there!

And you know what?
Ultimately the greatest by-product, the greatest long term benefit of a disciplined morning routine of selfish self-care is not….
…the amazing sense of accomplishment one feels everyday
…the sense of equanimity it propagates
…the improved sense of wellbeing, vitality and virility it breeds within
…the inner-cheerfulness that naturally ferments and percolates with you throughout the day
…desire to eat better, think better, be better each and every day
…the improved relationships with those around you and the one you have with yourself
…the massive physical health-wealth improvements such as a growth mindset, fat loss, hormonal balance, improved blood pressure, reduce anxiety & stress levels, bone health, cellular health, mitochondria health, blah, blah blady blah….i could go on…however…
The greatest by-product that you’ll BE REWARDED with is: 

Why Is GRIT so Important?
Because without the incredible power of grit, perseverance, perspiration, determination, resilience etc our ability to foster a daily personal self-care program will always be compromised.
Success, achievement, opportunity, luck, fulfilment, optimal health, being productive, self-control, discipline, and yes, having epiphanies, all and i mean all rely on our ability to foster and manifest our own bespoke Grit forming rituals and routines.
Taking hold of your future begins with
standing up for yourself now.
We are all dazzled by the notion that there are some people who get ahead, who reach the corner office because they are simply gifted, or well-connected, or both. But research shows that we far overvalue talent and intellectual ability in our culture. The fact is, so many people get ahead–even the gifted ones–because they worked incredibly hard, put in the thousands of hours of practice and extra sweat equity, and made their own luck.

Where Grit really begins to shine and provide significant personal ROI (return on investment) is when things go pear-shape. 
Everyone suffers setbacks in their careers and in life. The key, however, is to pick yourself up and bounce back. Failure isn’t a roadblock, it’s an essential…let me reframe that…failure is the most essential part of the life, and the fulfilment that we can glean from it ALL comes from challenges, set-back, problems, struggles and my favourite word ‘obstacles”.

Grit allows you the capacity to change the narrative, when a set-back strikes, to help you deal with the problem, to overcome the problem…and learn from the problem. So rather than being defeated when set-backs strike, your grit & determination is self-inspired and motivated to resolve the issue at hand.

“You are only entitled to the action, never the fruits.”
Bhagavad Gita