We ALL know, and adore, what it feels like to wake up after a good nights sleep.
We are energised, our outlook and mood is on-point, our urges and motivations to eat well, think well, to move more, to take care of ourselves all seem to come more naturally.  For some reason our cravings and impulsive / compulsive behaviours seem less ‘noisy’, even strangely absent.
When we’re well rested & calm everything seems so much more effortless, brighter, and easier to deal with.

So why is it…that we aren’t self-motivated, disciplined and committed to the one thing that implicates every.aspect.of.our.wellbeing?

Why is it…that we are the only species on the planet to deliberately sabotage our sleep? We ‘all know’ how critically important sleep is, yet we deliberately kibosh our ability to optimise our sleep, and in the process, trigger a cascade of debilitating & insidious consequences that impacts every facet of our psychology and physiology.

Why is it…when we’re struggling to cope, when we’re over-committed and ‘busy’ that we tend to further compound our mental and physical stress by engaging in the very behaviours and habits that tarnishes our outlook & moods, escalates our anxiety, whilst  decimating our motivations to be kinder and gentler to ourselves.

When things speed up, slow down

It’s a crazy notion I know, but wouldn’t it make sense that if the ‘busier’ we get, would it not indicate that we need to calm down and invest in ourselves, to undertake measures to re-nourish, restore and rejuvenate. Rather than to divest in ourselves by over-consuming in distraction – relying on alcohol,  drugs, caffeine, deliberately ‘staying up late’, being fixated with our devices – all of which are complicit in the quality of our sleep.

Resist saying ‘busy’ when someone asks how you are
Since when did ‘busy’ become an emotion?

– Ben Crowe. Mindset Coach

And what happens when we are tired, fatigued and groggy?
Our calm evaporates, our access to self-control is thrown out the window, cravings for unintelligent foods, more caffeine & alcohol escalates, stress markers inflate, and our commitment to exercise and movement is suddenly nowhere to be found.
Is it no wonder that anxiety, depression, obesity, alcohol dependance, chronic illness etc continue escalating at alarming levels?

If you do nothing else but focus your intention & attention on consistently optimising your sleep – your health & sense of wellbeing, your moods & outlook, your ability to maintain your ideal body composition, your ability to manage your food intake & eat better quality food, your desire to move, and tap into your innate motivations to take the best care of yourself will all vastly improve.
You will be calmer, and you will be in better control of the interactions and connections you have throughout your day.

Sleep is your litmus test of your lifestyle choices.
Now aside from any medical issues, or that you are a parent of young children, or a shift worker…The way you feel when you wake up each morning are the symptoms from how you lived the day/night before.

If you are waking up, most of the time, feeling fatigued, tired, unmotivated, emotionally strained, then this is the perfect opportunity to reflect, audit and take an inventory of what it is you’re doing that is causing your sleep patterns to be so disrupted.

There is no drug, supplement, detox or cleanse that will fundamentally ‘shift & maintain’ your wellbeing than pursuing consistent quality sleep.

“Put simply: sleep – a consistent 7-9 hour opportunity each night –
is the single most effective thing we can do to reset our
brain and body health each day.”

– Matthew Walker

The terrific thing about re-directing your attention-resources to optimising sleep, is that you soon realised how many things you’re doing & unnecessarily (subconsciously) tolerating that mess with your ability to sleep well.
Optimal sleep requires you stacking your lifestyle habits in your favour – once you begin to honour your sleep and begin to curb your behaviours to ensure that you sleep optimally, then you’ll begin to become much more proactive and protective (self-aware) in the daily, & nightly, choices you make.

To be even-minded is the greatest virtue.


Reculer pour mieux sauter...or ‘retreat in order to leap better…’
Going to bed in the best possible way, so that you wake up as the best version of yourself, is a fundamental life-discipline that we owe ourselves.
It is the one act that will enable you to perform at your optimal best, it is the one act that will help your practice being calm.

Calm is a habit…just like saying ‘busy’. 

“Sleep recalibrate our emotional brain circuits, allowing us to navigate next-day social and psychological challenges with cool-headed composure.”
Why We Sleep – Matthew Walker PhD

If you need advice or want to chat about sleep optimisation, do not hesitate to call (but not too late) or email.