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I decided to broach the alcohol theme once again for a couple of reasons…well three reasons.
Firstly, it’s that time of the year when some of you out there may be considering options to improve your health-wealth.
So, if indeed you are wanting to make improvements to your sleep, diet, fitness, mindset, gut health, reduce cancer risk, ability to better manage stress and your emotions etc, and you are still consuming alcohol at consistent or elevated levels, then the best piece of advice I could give you is reduce, reduce, reduce.

This is going to sound harsh, because it’s meant to...’you are delusional if you are seriously wanting to make significant, longterm improvements to your wellbeing, WHILST you’re still consuming alcohol at high frequency (considered ‘small amounts’ but consuming regularly throughout the week) or at elevated levels…it’s like oil & water…they do not combine, and you’ll only end up getting frustrated, by remaining on the diet & training rollercoaster due to reoccurring failure. And as a result, you’ll bully yourself by continuing to over-consume.

Secondly, this is a ‘shout-out’ to a number of people I know personally (you know who you are) who have recently undertaken and or begun, the arduous task of going alcohol free. So this is for you, as a gentle reminder that if you feel as though you’re missing something…you’re not.

Thirdly, Yes I am unashamedly an advocate for sobriety, but hopefully not too evangelical about it.
I am incredibly enthusiastic it, and I’m here if anyone has questions or requires any encouragement or support.

I know first hand how insidious alcohol is, how it permeates its way into our being by numbing our ‘self’, and it’s propensity to ‘dim our lights’ and obstruct our vision of the beautiful world around us and how we connect with it….I have yet to meet anyone who has not regretted by either greatly reducing or given up alcohol completely…nearly all, if not all, say it’s the best thing they have ever done.


Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was, amongst other things, a teetotaler, so I thought I’d share his opinion on alcohol – he can much more elegantly present an argument for sobriety than I ever could.

Over to you Fred…

Nietzsche only drank water, or on very special occasions, milk.
And he thought we should do likewise. He wasn’t making a small, eccentric dietary point. The idea went to the heart of his philosophy, as contained in his declaration.
‘There have been two great narcotics in European civilisation: Christianity and alcohol’.

He hated alcohol for the very same reasons that he scorned Christianity; because both numb pain, and both reassure us that things are just fine as the are, sapping us of the will to change our lives for the better.

A few drinks usher in a transient feeling of satisfaction that can get fatally in the way of taking the steps necessary to improve our lives. It’s not that Nietzsche admired suffering for it’s own sake. But he recognised the unfortunate – but crucial – truth that growth and accomplishment have irrevocably painful aspects.
Recalibrate the meaning of suffering…
“What if pleasure and displeasure were so tied together that whoever wanted to have as much as possible of one must also have as much as possible of the other….You have a choice in life: either as little displeasure as possible, painlessness in brief…or as much displeasure as possible as the price for an abundance of subtle pleasures and joys….”
If we are finding things difficult, it is not necessary a sign of failure, it may just be evidence of the nobility and arduousness of the tasks we’ve undertaken.
[Note & Reference: This information was copied from the highly recommended book ‘Great Thinkers’, by the School of Life]

What are your thoughts, agree or disagree with Mr Nietzsche?

We are what we repeatedly THINK & DO.

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