Our Minds & Emotions – The Software

The way you think, what you think and the emotions attached to those thoughts are a result of decades of ‘education’ from your surroundings and your interpretation of that information.

From very early childhood your reality is a construct of beliefs and information from other people and their own interpretation of life – your parents, siblings, peers, teachers, priest etc all fundamentally shape the way we think and feel from an early age, by what they tell us, and by their own actions.

 These beliefs are also emotionally hardwired into our being and thus, have a significant impact on our present-self actions and habits.

At these early ages of life, our immature sponge of a brain, absorbs this information whilst connecting an emotional attachment to that information that forms our early ‘belief systems’.

It is these belief systems and emotional baggage we carry into adulthood that can and do play a pivotal role in our future habits and behaviours – both negatively and positively.

 Critical to our own growth and continued self-awareness its imperative that we take the challenging steps to look within and face the mess of the past, to ensure we’re able to move forward and achieve our full potentiality without your past-self emotions dictating your future self goals.

Look at your cognitive and emotions and software that not only needs an upgrade to be installed, but just as importantly, delinquent, corrosive and viral software needs to be uninstalled