Our Physical Body – The Hardware

 Just as our mind and emotions need daily rebooting and maintenance, our body physical also requires daily care. General wear & tear, use & misuse see our physical body put through enormous stress.

Modern life and the associated toxic polluted environment many of us live in, our food quality, our reliance on fast, ultra processed foods, dependancy on alcohol and drugs, stressful work environment, commuting, lack of quality sleep and sedentary living are the reasons for the (ongoing) global explosion in lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes 2, heart disease, hypertension and obesity… just to name a few.

Ironically when we busy, stressed and challenged our default to further compound the issues at hand by allowing our compulsions to dictate our behaviours and actions. Reaching for the bottle, consuming too much or choosing foods that will ultimately leave you feeling tired, fatigued and depressed.

Our desires and motivations for self-love and self-care dissipate at these most crucial times, and it is exactly at these times that our resilience and fortitude needs to come to the forefront to help serve us best to cope with the problems at hand.

Your body (and mind) requires and thrives on the macros of health-wealth.

Optimal quality sleep every night.

Daily mind[re]set practice

Consumption of the best foods available, reflective of your religious, ethical and medical needs and choices.

Move everyday, and strength train 30-60 minutes, 2-3 times a week – choose a format that suits YOU.

Your body is designed to:

Sleep 7-9 hours per day.
To have as calm and peaceful mind as possible
To consume natural, whole foods.
And to move… a lot.

 An inability to optimally achieve just one of the above will ultimately lead to a life less lived. They work hand in hand and require each to be practised and maintained as a ‘life-essential’, and not as a afterthought or something you can catch up on at a later date