Physical training for mental well-being
Mind training for physical well-being


  1. You order an Uber and get ‘irked’ because there’s a 8 minute wait time.
  2. You’ve scrolled through your Netflix, Stan, and Disney+ accounts and complain to yourself there is nothing to watch.
  3. You resort to alcohol to celebrate.
  4. You look at your smartphone as soon as you wake up.
  5. You look at your smartphone minutes before your go to bed.
  6. You’re over 40 yet still seek and ‘rely on’ unrealistic remedies, cleanses, diets and regimes to improve your wellbeing and longevity.
  7. You knowingly sabotage your sleep.
  8. You resort to alcohol because you ‘need to unwind’.
  9. You get frustrated when there’s a lag when uploading a new webpage.
  10.  Not being acknowledged or thanked when you’ve been courteous or generous to some one.
  11. That looking endlessly at your smartphone is ‘normal.
  12. You say ‘yes’ to everything, and not only complain that you’re busy all the time, but you use it as an excuse, and to self-sabotage.
  13. Experience uncontrolled impulsiveness and or compulsiveness. 
  14. When someone asks “how are you?”, you answer ‘busy’…when did busy become an emotion?
  15. You resort to alcohol when its sunny, or when it’s wet n cold, or when the sunset looks pretty.
  16. You’re unable to take a walk and leave your smartphone at home.
  17. You automatically turn on the TV when you wake up, and or when getting home from work.
  18. You watch hours of TV / streamlining services each day/night.
  19. You get frustrated and angry at family members, employees, bosses, and people you don’t know because they fail to deliver up to your expectations”. Your ‘job(s) in life’ whether its as a business owner, plumber, dentist, parent, brother, sister, son, daughter…you can’t blame the often harsh reality of  “your job in life” as an excuse to self-sabotage yourself.
  20. Unaware of being constantly ‘triggered’ when watching the news or social media. Unaware also of how you being triggered is negatively impacting you, and those around you.
  21. Resorting to alcohol because you’re triggered.
  22. Being a slave to uncontrolled cravings
  23. Constant gossiping
  24. An inability to sit still, quietly.
  25. Lack of desire to ‘learn’ something new.
  26. Expecting/demanding immediate reward, gratification or congratulations.
  27. You ‘don’t do queues’.
  28. Always seeking comfort
  29. Unable to digest criticism, and or find questions intrusive
  30.  Inability to consistently apply exertion in areas of your self-care
  31.  Constant reliance on dieting, over training, cleansing, over supplementation…feeling frustratingly ‘stuck’ on the ‘wellness rollercoaster’
  32.  Resorting to alcohol because of bad news, stress or anger.
  33.  Unhinged shopping – always buying stuff
  34.  Lack of joyfulness & playfulness, an inability to lighten up…without the use of lubricants.
  35. Both struggle and avoid to make kinder choices for yourselfeven though you know exactly what to do.
  36.  Doing the same thing day in, day out and not only expecting a different result, but getting angry, frustrated or anxious with yourself because there’s no changewhere’s the Prosecco?
  37. Waking up most mornings feeling tired & unmotivated, inebriated…(shift workers and parents of young children ignore this…except possibly the inebriated bit)
  38. Going to bed exhausted but sleeping poorly
  39.  Irritable, poor gut health
  40.  You’re 40, 50, 60 but still eat like a child would left to their own devices
  41.  You booze all year round and ‘do’ dry July expecting….what?
  42.  You constantly sabotage your well-being, fitness & training efforts via your habitual behaviours…this causes you frustration because you’re not achieving your desired (yet delusional) results. 
  43. You “expect results” yet shy away from the reality that consistent effort is required…they key (swear) word here is ‘consistent’.
  44. You’re either completely unaware, or ignore your own bullshit in your life – the very bullshit that is making you stressed, busy, tired, fat, grumpy and anxious. Successfully tackling the bullshit in your life requires you dealing with the bull (you’re the bull)…and not masking the results of your actions…by spraying perfume on your BS
  45. Maintaining the status quo at all cost…You lack any desire, courage or impetus to try something new.
  46. You are always doing what’s easy…avoid difficulty at all costs, even though ‘easy’ is keeping your fatigued, stressed and anxious.
  47. Talking more, listening less…In effect you’re saying ”shut up, my opinion matters more.” (don’t stop now, keep reading)
  48. A complete inability to “sustain and abstain” <—-philosophy in 2 words, thanks Epictetus
  49. Just because you think it’s normal, it’s quite possibly not normal. You’re over 40 and just because you’ve been doing the same behaviours for the past 2-3 decades, no matter how unhealthy, you still justify that there is no need, or no room, to recalibrate, change or improve.
  50. Yeah, nah! You read this entire list, and identified with over 10 of the points…and yet, it still all seems just too hard.

Peace & Health

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Disclaimer: It needs to be noted and understood that what I write on this blog format must not be interpreted nor construed as ‘personal medical advice’.
The written word can easily be mis-interpreted, especially my own god-awful writing ability.
I try to emphasis, as awkwardly as I do, that I have no skills, training nor studies under my belt to advise or diagnose when it comes to medical or psychological conditions.
If you need professional help or advice then please seek it.  
My own advocacy is shot primarily through the prism of my own life-experience. I only promote lifestyle and the related choices and habits that optimise sleep, mindset, nutrition and physical strength. All incredibly powerful and profound methods to improve all aspects of one’s own health-wealth, but potentially not the remedy ‘proper’ for those individuals that may require professional clinical diagnosis, medical intervention and/or treatment.