Cut the crap.

Rumi, a 13th century Persian scholar, theologian and Sufi mystic (and not someone I once shared a house with) offers this sage advice to this modern day dilemma which most of us not only fail to do, but seem willingly to encourage and overdo in todays world,…and that is our need to simplify…declutter…reduce the noise.
Bruce Lee said “simplify…hack away at the unessential”. Stoic philosophy also attests to the need to ‘let go’ and be conscious of what we have control of, and to let the fuck go (not quoted word for word) of what we have no control of… Why be a slave to what other may people or may not think
Why be shackled to things and events that may or may not happen
That’s crazy shit right??
With social media, new app’s, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TV commercials, radio, billboards, constant notifications on our devices from people who liked a post of your cat being stalked by a cucumber. This stuff is all vying for your attention…and it’s winning.
Add to this modern life-cocktail your children, your job, commuting, family and commitments to friends and socialising. Eating properly, exercising AND SLEEP…oh glorious sleep… and this, as you know, is the important stuff.
Left unattended soon you begin to wonder what the fuck is going on.
What’s going to give?
The incessant ‘belief and compulsion’ to maintain this chaos, and ultimately and possibly, a litany of potential physical, mental and spiritual health issues.

Surrender your ability to respond

Put the phone down once and a while
Resist hours scrolling social media
Turn of the TV
Turn off the notifications on your devices
Create time by reducing or eliminating the ‘stuff that robs you of your time”. Place priority and purposeful focus back on the essentials of life, the macros of wellbeing – your sleep, your brain health, your nutrition and exercise, movement and strength. “Honour your mind and body and everything will change”