One does not become fully human painlessly…

Shit going wrong in your life is the catalyst for growth and change.

It’s during difficult challenging times that we must look within.
It’s during these times that we have the best opportunity to learn & grow.
Why is it that when life challenges us that we often resort to activities that only further exacerbate the problem?
When we should be taking the upmost care of our physical, mental and spiritual well-being, our automatic default is to reach out to our compulsions of choice…alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and poor eating habits. We become slothful and don’t move our body’s for the way they’re designed.
Quality sleep is jeopardised.
When the shit hits the fan, it’s exactly at this time we should hyper-prioritise our health-wealth.
Optimal sleep & nutrition, movement, exercise, fresh air and being in nature are the best ways to weaponise mindset, reduce the stress and promote internal fortitude and resilience to empower you to not only overcome the issue/ problem at hand, but to also learn from it.
The Rub?
Life will always throw curl-balls at us.
And our ability to not only deal with it when it arises, but to operate optimally everyday, when life is good… most days hopefully…is to be kind to yourself… to take care of yourself.
Foster and kindle daily inner-cheerfulness through the lifestyle routines, habits and activities that propagate joy in your world.
Unlike many of the problems and stresses we can and will experience in our lifetime…our lifestyle choices, habits and routines are OUR CHOICE.