Strategies Preserve Your Tranquility
Part Three


Remember: The World Needs Annoying People

Another strategy to help maintain our tranquility and SoM when faced with ‘annoying people’ is to remind ourselves that people (including you & I) do not choose to have the faults that they have.

Consequently, there is a sense in which the people who annoy us, and the people that we annoy, cannot help doing so.

Of course there are exceptions (e.g. Croc wearers), but for the most part, most people don’t intentionally annoy others – therefore it is inevitable that some people will be annoying, just as much as you will be annoying – and to expect otherwise – as my mate Marcus Aurelius poetically, but somewhat annoying says, “its’ like expecting a fig tree not to yield its juice”.

So, if we find ourselves shocked, annoyed or surprised that a ‘boor’ behaves boorishly, we have only ourselves to blame. Because ultimately we should know better – because what we may find a completely riveting topic of conversation will surely boor the tits-off someone else…like I’m sure this post will.

The End.
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