Physical training for mental well-being
Mind training for physical well-being 


We are taught many things, but rarely are we taught how to deal with the shocks that life deals us. We are usually taught what to think, but not how to think

Primarily, we are not taught that it is not life, but our own reactions to what happens to us that is the cause of our pain, annoyances, and anxieties.

As a result, we’re prone to relieve ourselves of this pain and anxiety and escape this mental pain and confusion with distraction -drugs, alcohol, entertainment, sex, porn, gambling, busyness etc – yet the pain, annoyance and anxiety continues to remain a problem, only further compounding our exhaustion and addictions.

If you do not understand your own thinking,
what ever you do has little meaning.

Self-Learning Requires Sensitivity 
Developing calm (attention) to the ways of the self, to better understand that fear, desire, and anger are all natural emotions, emotions that we don’t have to act out. This act of insight, this ability to propagate calm reflection, begins to dissolve mental anguish.

We need to learn to understand the self to understand that it is the source of our problems. Mindful not to be continually self-absorbed, but to pay calm attention to the thoughts and feelings, activities of the self, and our belief system conditioning.

Self knowledge is a process, not an end in itself; and to know oneself one must be aware of oneself in action, in the relationship that you have in your day to day…in your reality.
This is meditation, and in my opinion, this is self-awareness…alertness & sensitivity in action.

Self awareness is finding out for yourself & learning to stand up against the old self-centred self – you have to be your own teacher and student.
Self-awareness is understanding not suppression.
Self-awareness is [re]connecting with your innate authentic vital self.
Self-awareness is movement.

“Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.”
Rosa Luxemburg

Cultivating the self, through a sober pursuit of meaning, character development, self-determination, and self-preservation, we can over time, and with concerted effort (energy) can begin to overcome our self encumbering proclivities, resulting in a much more wisely, calm and self-actualised life…whatever that may mean to you.

You must experiment, you alone.
To understand anything you must live with it.
Have you tried living with yourself?

[Ref: Pema Chödrön, Krishnamurti, Epictetus, Calvin & Hobbs]

What I have to say has
all been said before,
And I am destitute of
learning and of skill
with words.
I therefore have no
thought that this
might be of benefit to
I wrote it only to sustain
my understanding.