The Stoic’s Had The Right Idea…


“In life our first job is this, to divide and distinguish things into two categories:
externals I cannot control, but the choices I make with regard to them I do control.

Where will I find good and bad?

In me, in my choices.”



Nutrition, sleep, mind[RE]set, productivity, performance, fitness, wellbeing, sex, decision making – when we examine these, and many other, areas of focus, we often forget that they are all interconnected and interdependent. They are spokes on the wheel of the day, every one them necessary to ride the 24-hour cycle into a life worth living. Because a day isn’t just about what you put in your body, how you look in the mirror, or how productive you can be in a day. It’s about how you feel, whose lives you connect with, and how much pleasure and joy you have along the way.

Own Your Day!

As Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe said “nothing is worth more than this day…

A Daily Ritual or routine is the foundation to creating and maintaining physical and cognitive stamina and grit for the daily workout we call life.

There are a couple of key reasons to initiate a daily routine and start your day with intention, these include but are not limited to:

-Sense of achievement and improved productivity
-Self-awareness (face your fears, eliminate self-sabotaging, accountability, responsibility)
-Improved self worth
-Improved life trajectory

Creating a structure of discipline. Discipline, believe it or not, means freedom and if you maintain discipline, especially first thing in the morning, then the remainder of your day will be better self-determined and ‘geared’ by what you have installed at the beginning of your day.

Ticking a list of duties in the morning instals a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Humans are motivated by success and achievement. Even being disciplined to complete a list of simple tasks, especially tasks that are geared for self-preservation, mindfulness and general wellbeing, will deliver sustainable and potentially profound change.

An opportunity to self-audit, time to reflect and be grateful. Self awareness and our ability to remind ourselves of our presence and our internal dialogue is determined by frequency of repeated action. We are what we repeatedly do. A morning ritual of reflection and gratitude will begin to re-wire our personal internal software and recalibrate, over time, our internal dialogue. As the Buddha says “We are what we think.”

By actively, on a daily basis, deliberately-practicing to rewire the software of our minds with life-affirming language, being grateful for what we have rather than pining for what we don’t, will only help establish and maintain a sense of personal priority, whilst creating clarity of what is inessential and unimportant.

You set your day off on an important positive trajectory. Self worth, confidence and sense of achievement become self-perpetuating if we continually have small ‘wins’ throughout our day. A morning dedicated to your own self-investment, a morning where you prioritise your mind, heart and desired outcomes for the day ahead will only place your energy, motivation and perseverance into second (or third) gear even before you step out the door.

There is no better time to calibrate your day so you’re attuned to what is most important and what is not.
What is in your sphere of choice and what is not.
What choices you decide to make, and what choices you do not.
Do this daily discipline, and own your day.